Esthetics Juli’s threading services offer a precise and gentle approach to hair removal, leaving you with flawlessly shaped brows and a smooth facial appearance. Our skilled threading experts use a technique that’s perfect for sculpting eyebrows with artistic flair.

We pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that your brows are shaped to complement your unique facial structure. Beyond brows, our threading services extend to areas like the upper lip, chin, sideburns, and forehead.

Experience the magic of threading as stray hairs are expertly removed, leaving your skin smooth and radiant. Whether you’re preparing for a special occasion or simply maintaining your grooming routine, our threading services provide a touch of elegance and precision.

Evebrow Threading


Our experts define your brows with artistic flair, creating the perfect shape that complements your face structure. Our meticulous threading technique ensures precise shaping, giving you brows that beautifully frame your eyes and enhance your overall look.



Achieve a smooth, hair-free upper lip with our gentle threading service, ensuring a flawless and elegant smile. Our skilled technicians remove even the finest of hairs, leaving your upper lip impeccably smooth and enhancing your natural radiance.



Bid farewell to unwanted chin hair with our efficient threading treatment, giving you a clean and confident look. Our threading specialists skillfully remove unwanted hair, leaving your chin area smooth and enhancing your facial contours.



Effortlessly get rid of sideburn hair with our skillful threading method, ensuring a seamless transition from your hairline. Our threading experts precisely target sideburn hair, creating a polished appearance that complements your hairstyle.



Flaunt a flawless forehead by removing stray hairs with our safe threading service, leaving you with a smooth canvas. Our threading technique gently eliminates any stray hairs on your forehead, ensuring a clean and polished look.



Enjoy a clean and polished neckline with our expert threading techniques, adding the finishing touch to your overall appearance. Our threading specialists pay attention to detail, ensuring a sleek neckline that enhances your profile.



Clear away unwanted nasal hair for a refined and groomed look, ensuring that every detail is perfect. Our precise nasal hair removal technique ensures a well-groomed appearance that highlights your facial features.

Full Face


Experience a complete transformation with our full-face threading, leaving you radiant and hair-free from every angle. Our comprehensive service covers all facial areas, unveiling your natural beauty and boosting your confidence.

Full Face With Neck


Unveil your beauty with our comprehensive full-face and neck threading, for a stunning, hair-free finish that exudes confidence. Our skilled threading specialists provide a meticulous service, leaving you with a flawlessly groomed look.