Embrace the luxury of smooth and hair-free skin with Esthetics Juli’s comprehensive waxing services. Our expert estheticians use high-quality wax to ensure effective and comfortable hair removal.

From eyebrow waxing that sculpts your brows to perfection, to full-body waxing that leaves you feeling confident from head to toe, our services cater to all your grooming needs. We specialize in waxing various areas, including underarms, legs, chest, and bikini line.

Our waxing techniques are designed to minimize discomfort and provide long-lasting results. Whether you’re seeking a quick touch-up or a full-body transformation, our waxing services offer a precise and efficient solution for smooth and radiant skin.

Evebrow Wax


Sculpt your brows to perfection with our professional eyebrow waxing. Our skilled technicians create beautifully defined brows that enhance your natural features. Whether you prefer bold or subtle, we'll craft the perfect arches for your unique style.

Upperlip Wax


Enjoy a smooth and hair-free upper lip with our gentle waxing service. Our precise technique ensures a flawless upper lip that complements your smile. Say goodbye to daily upkeep and hello to confidence that lasts.

Chin Wax


Say farewell to chin hair and embrace a polished look with our efficient waxing treatment. Our experts remove unwanted hair, leaving your chin area sleek and refined. Experience the delight of a smooth chin without the hassle.

Sideburn Wax


Get rid of sideburn hair effortlessly with our skillful waxing method. Achieve a seamless transition from your hairline with our expert technique. Our approach leaves you with a seamless profile that accentuates your facial features. Bid farewell to unwanted sideburns.

Forehead Wax


Flaunt a flawless forehead by removing stray hairs with our safe waxing service. Our gentle approach leaves your forehead smooth and immaculate. Embrace the confidence of a clear and radiant forehead.

Neck Wax


Enjoy a clean and refined neckline with our expert waxing techniques. Our meticulous process adds the finishing touch to your grooming routine. Experience the difference of a well-groomed neckline that complements your overall appearance.

Full Face Wax


Experience a radiant and hair-free complexion with our full-face waxing. Our comprehensive service ensures every area is flawlessly groomed. Say hello to a radiant, flawless skin that sets the stage for your beauty routine.

Full Hand


Flaunt silky-smooth hands with our professional full-hand waxing. Enjoy touchably smooth hands with our meticulous approach. Whether for a special occasion or everyday luxury, your hands will feel pampered.

Half Hands


Get a neat and tidy look with our precise half-hand waxing. Our detailed service adds a touch of grooming perfection. Achieve a well-groomed appearance that speaks of attention to detail. Transform your hands.



Stay fresh and hair-free with our quick and effective underarm waxing. Our efficient technique keeps you confidently ready. Enjoy the freedom of smooth underarms, without the worry of stubble.

Full Legs


Embrace smooth and beautiful legs with our thorough full-leg waxing. Our comprehensive approach leaves your legs silky and stunning. Step out with confidence, knowing your legs are flawless. Walk with grace and embrace the joy of perfectly groomed legs.

Half Legs With Knee


Flaunt flawless legs with our precise half-leg and knee waxing. Our meticulous technique ensures perfectly groomed legs. Whether for a skirt or shorts, your legs will shine. Let your legs speak volumes with their smooth radiance.

Half Legs Without Knee


Opt for a graceful look with our half-leg waxing without knee. Achieve a polished appearance effortlessly. Enjoy the freedom of smooth lower legs that feel great every day. Embrace the elegance of immaculate lower legs.

Women Chest


Our skilled professionals ensure a flawless chest area with our specialized waxing service. Whether for a sleek physique or a clean neckline, our service is tailored to your preferences. Reveal your confident self with chest waxing to remove unwanted hair.

Women Full Back


Reveal a sleek and hair-free back with our expert full-back waxing. Our skilled professionals ensure a confident back appearance. Experience the comfort of a smooth back that complements your body. Gain confidence and remove unwanted body hair.

Women Brazilian


Feel confident and smooth with our Brazilian waxing designed for women. Our sensitive approach leaves you with a flawless result. Embrace the confidence of a hair-free bikini area. Reveal your inner beauty and confidence with our specialized service.

Full Brazilian for Pregnant


Get a Brazilian wax for pregnant women to feel confident, sooth, and pampered. Our waxing services are safe for pregnant women, and we do everything possible to make you feel comfortable and relaxed while you are under our careful service.

Deep Bikini


Unleash your confidence with our thorough and detailed deep bikini line waxing. Our comprehensive service ensures a clean and radiant appearance. Say hello to confidence in every swimsuit. Flaunt your confidence without hesitation.

Bikini Line


Get beach-ready with our precise and tidy bikini line waxing. Our careful technique ensures a confident bikini area. Whether for a vacation or everyday comfort, our service keeps you bikini-ready. Embrace the freedom of a flawless bikini line.

Women Butt


Indulge in comfort and confidence with our women's butt waxing service. Our skilled professionals ensure a smooth and hair-free result. Our specialized service removed unwanted hair in this area for guaranteed satisfaction.

Vajacial ( only for women)


Experience ultimate self-care with our exclusive vajacial treatment. Designed for women, this pampering session rejuvenates and revitalizes your intimate area, leaving you feeling refreshed and confident. Soothe and enhance your natural beauty.

Any Small Area Wax


Say goodbye to unwanted hair in small areas with our precise waxing service. Whether it's your fingers, toes, or any other tiny spot, our experts ensure a flawlessly groomed look. Wven the smallest details are taken care of with our meticulous approach.

Fingers Wax


Showcase perfectly manicured hands with our finger waxing service. Enjoy the sensation of smoothness as we remove unwanted hair, leaving your fingers looking immaculate. Our service adds a touch of luxury to your grooming routine.

Nose Wax


Experience the comfort of clear nasal passages with our gentle nose waxing. Our skilled technique ensures the removal of unwanted hair, allowing you to breathe easily and feel refreshed. Experience our precise and safe approach.

Ears Wax


Embrace a polished look with our ear waxing service. Our experts ensure the removal of excess hair, leaving your ears clean and confident. Feel the difference as you walk out with a refined appearance that leaves you satisfied.

Men Back


Unveil a smooth and confident back with our men's back waxing. Our professionals remove unwanted hair, allowing you to showcase a sleek and well-groomed appearance. Our service is tailored to your needs, so you exude confidence with or without a shirt on.

Men Chest


Reveal a hairless chest and gain confidence with our men's chest waxing service. Our skilled approach ensures a smooth and groomed chest area that complements your physique. From enhancing muscle definition to feeling confident in everyday situations, our waxing service helps you put your best self forward.

Men Brazilian


Experience the ultimate in grooming with our men's Brazilian waxing. Our specialized technique ensures comfort and hygiene, leaving you feeling clean and confident. Whether you're an athlete or simply someone who values meticulous grooming, our service is designed to meet your needs.

Men Butt


Remove unwanted and irritating hair with our men's butt waxing service. Our professionals ensure a clean and polished result, allowing you to embrace a sleek appearance. From enhancing your personal comfort to achieving a desired look, our specialized waxing is tailored to your preferences.

Full Body Wax Only For Women


Indulge in the ultimate grooming experience with our comprehensive full-body waxing. Our skilled professionals leave you perfectly groomed from head to toe. Experience the luxury of a completely smooth body. Rediscover the joy of touchably soft skin all over.